New Materials

What is it?
Smart textiles are the new ‘thing’: materials which adapt or react to surroundings. In the architecture you will see more often usable hightech textile. Buildings which you can move and which become wearable because they are made from soft textiles. All those spectacular applications are shown during the exhibition ‘Building with Textiles’.

sus blog 2

Why is it cool?
It is cool because we get a different view of diverse materials. We appreciate materials more and see the innovative possibilities of them.
This signal is from the designer Dave Hakkens, who came up with the Phoneblocks. He considers plastic one of the most valuable materials on earth. It is recyclable, strong and easy to transform in different shapes. But many people don’t recycle plastic, barely 10 percent. That is the reason why he created a small ‘recycle’-factory, that everybody can build to reuse plastic.

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Why has it future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because nano-engeneerings offer new possibilities and can make textiles dirt-, water or fire resistant. It is also sustainable because the textiles are biodestructable. We can easily make new workspaces from different materials which we can move to other destinations. In the future we can maybe build more new homes for homeless people from smart and sustainable textiles.



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