Real Senses

What is it?
We all know the word experience economy; we want to give the consumer a real experience around a product or service. We tell a story that inspires and that sticks around, but we see a change in that now. It is not about seeing something beautiful, exciting or interisting anymore, we want to be part of the experience like we are really in it. It is called the experience economy 2.0.

Why is it cool?
It is cool because is it all about ‘shocking’. Shocking yourself and others with raw stories and clear messages. Stimulate senses becomes also more important with the experience economy 2.0. To make it more clear, I collected some examples.

exper blog 1

Advertisements say it the way it is, a clear message that let you think twice. The first advertisement is about a life jacket. They made a movie that show you what will happen if you don’t wear a life jacket. It is like you are in the water drowning. If you would like to watch the advertisment ‘sortie en mer’ watch this link:
Other advertisements are from campagns, they have also a clear message.

exper blog 11

Why has it future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because we want to experience more with our senses and we want to make more statements in life. Campagnes and artists can use the ‘schocking’ in their advertisements and products more to attract more people.



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