What is it?
Relying to Willemien van den Broek (Academic ‘Artemis Hogeschool’ for styling and design) we don’t concentrate on the food enough that is on our plates while we are eating. We don’t taste the real flavor of our meal anymore. Willemien van den Broek wants to bring concentration back with her project ‘Focus’.

exper blog 4

Why is it cool?
It is cool because she makes a real eat experience. With the first experience ‘Taste’ you will be blindfold and you will have no possibility to move during your meal. You just feel the table with your hands. The tableware has different shapes and heights. With the second eat experience ‘Balance’ you eat from wobbly plates. On top of that you just have one hand to eat with two ‘eatfingers’; sharp cones on your thumb and forefinger. You really have to focus and be really carefull while you are eating.

exper blog 44

Why has it future growth potential?
In our western eatculture external stimulus take to much space. That is the main reason of the decrease of focussing on real flavour. If you compulsively restrict sight and movement during eating, the taste experience will become more intense. There will be a new revaluation and awareness of food.



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