Sustainable living

What is it?
Nowadays there are already many houses with solar panels on the roof and energy-generating things, but architects go further in their designs than that. These treehouses from the Danish architect Konrad Wójcik are fully self-sufficient because the roof is coated with solar panels and a water pump gets energy from the ground. This example of future homes are really inventive for the future, but if you have to drive every day from the wood to the city, the whole idea of durable living is gone.
So that’s why there are also new inventions of sustainable moving. We already know the electric car, but soon we will see other vehicles on the streets.

Why is it cool?
The treehouses from the Danish arhitect Konrad Wójcik are cool because the design is very smart. It looks likes the houses are really part of the other trees. The whole house is built from sustainable materials and you can live in the house with four people. The houses are attainable by bus, otherwise it will not be sustainable anymore if you have to drive all the way by car.


Why has it future growth potential?
Is het future growth potential because the houses are built in nature and have similar characters from real trees. New innovative materials and techniques are used to make the use more sustainable. The houses help the well-being of the earth.

Source: “”nHYPERLINK “”-waar-je-echt-kan-wonen/


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