Sustainable future

What is it?
3D printing will be more and more important in the future, for a lot of people. You will print your clothes, food, make/up and even agencies. But when you work in the city it is not easy to print all your food at home. So I found two signals that shows that portable printing become more important.


Why is it cool?
This is a 3D-printer that prints objects ‘on the go’. This 3D-printer is a foldable version and it is able to self-replicate stuff by making a kit of itself. This device is handy to use at work or when you are travelling. Another signal that I found is the world’s first pocket mini printer. This tiny printer will roll across your paper and leave the ink behind. This device will be used by people who work not at one place or one office, but who are travelling around the city.


Why has it future growth potential?

This has future growth potential because a lot of people work not at one office anymore. They have jobs which they have to travel for. The portable printers are godsend then. The pocket mini printer is already a ‘green gadget’. In the future there will be many options to build a green 3D-printer.



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