What is it?
Eva is a smart device that helps to use less water while your in the shower. You just put it against your service pipe and your showerhead. Through your phone you decide how EVA behaves. EVA (it sounds funny) need electricity from a little volt block, but you only have to replace that once in a year.

sus blog 3

Why is it cool?
While you are in the shower a lot of water gets waste because for example you have to wait for the water to get warm. You also need less water when you are shaving. EVA notice that because if you stand further away from the showerhead, EVA turns the water down.

Why has it future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because a lot of people, including myself, are taking to long showers. With the EVA device a lot of water will be saved. On the app you can set an alarm that gets off when you are too long under the shower. You can see the results of the showers you took and you can also save a lot of money and you also live sustainable. That is perfect for your emotional well-being because you are thinking about the future of the planet and you have a positive influence.



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