Smart food scale: The Orange Chef Prep Pad


What is it?
Prep pad is a smart food scale that you can use in your kitchen. The Prep pad gives you real-time nutritional insight into your food. You just simply place your food on the scale and it connects wirelessly with your Ipad or phone.
With the Countertop app you get precise USDA nutritional information based on weight, not labels. So you can see the amount of Protein, Carbs, Fats and more in your food. With this convenient scale you can make balanced and healthy meals. It is a thin scale with a beautiful design, useful for every kitchen.


Why is this cool and has it future growth potential?
I think it is cool because with this smart food scale you easily get information about the food you are eating. It is all about transparency, you don’t need a dietician anymore. The Countertop app helps you to set and reach your health goals.

You don’t have to search on the internet or measure or count your food, with the Countertop app you immediately see the amount of Protein and more. So you don’t have to stay ours in the kitchen anymore to prepare a beautiful, balanced meal. That is why this new invention has future growth potential. People can be more aware with their foods and experiment with different ingredients without spending ours in the kitchen.

More about the Orange Chef Prep Pad:



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