The Findery App


What is it?
Findery is an app that allows users to post, read and share public or private location-based notes.
So with this app you can find interesting sights or stories from people all around the world.
Or you can just post notes yourself.  Notes consist of both image and text, but can ultimately be
about whatever. For example you can leave a note about a good restaurant that you have been
through or you can just post an interesting story about your town. This app is really based on transparency because you can see a lot of different places that people have been through, and you can also see if they liked it or not.

Why is this cool and has it future growth potential?
I think it is cool because this app makes it easier to find new cool sights, while you are travelling around for example.
You can just click on the note and read if it is interesting enough. And because of the pictures, you can get a more real representation. You can choose to share the notes in public or private, so that’s a good thing as well.

It has definitely future growth potential because people really want to know what they are getting into before they do something nowadays. They trust more on reviews from real people, then on reviews from a site.
This app is reliable, user-friendly for everyone and also very fun.

More information about Findery:



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