The Farmer’s Fridge


What is it?

The Farmer’s Fridge is a new vending machine specializing in healthy salads. That sounds not very new or tasty, but this vending machine is definitely different than the others.
The Farmer’s Fridge is made from reclaimed wood and even some recycled materials, each machine is unique and user-friendly. The salads in the machine are simple and balanced, but full of nutritional benefit and taste. They make the salads fresh every day and place them in the Farmer’s Fridge by 10 am. But that’s not the only reason why the salads are very fresh. The packaging of the salads is also a big factor of the freshness. The salads are packed in sealed, recyclable jars. So you can take your fresh salad with you and eat it anywhere you want and after that, you wash your jar and use it as a pen holder for example.

Besides salads you can also choose for sliced vegetables or yoghurt.


Why is this cool and has it future growth potential?
On the go food is normally not so healthy or tasty to eat. The salads from the Farmer’s Fridge are made fresh every morning and placed in the Fridge by 10 am so you will always have a fresh salad. That is why i really like this new sort of vending machine. Instead of unhealthy fries or burgers, you can choose in a few clicks for a robust and healthy salad.
This really influence your physical and also your emotional wellbeing. You feel good because you choose for healthy food and this gives you a positive feeling. Eating healthy is also improving the Quality of Life.

It has growth potential because people nowadays want fresh and healthy food, but also want it quick and without much difficulty. The Farmer’s Fridge is not only user-friendly, but also eco-friendly and that is necessary for the future.
But more fantastic is the fact that the unsold salads will be removed and donated to a local food pantry every day.

More information about the Farmer’s Fridge:



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