Oral B’s smart toothbrush

What is it?
Going to the dentist is certainly not one of my favorite things to do. Nobody likes it, I guess.
Oral B developed a new electric toothbrush that can make the relationship with your dentist more pleasant maybe.
The Oral B Smartseries electric toothbrush connects to the free Oral B app for the iPhone and Android. With this brush and app, you and your dentist can customize your brushing experience.
You can also receive real-time guidance to stay on top of your oral care.

oralb                    SmartSeriesApp

Why is this cool and has it future growth potentials?

People are more aware of health nowadays and want to be up to date about their own health. That’s why this new invention of Oral B is really ‘cool’. The app will track your oral care habits and chart your own progress.
This is about transparency because you share this information with your dentist, so he can see how well you have been brushing.
It is also about transparency because data-based solutions for oral health will be provided more to people in the future.

The new brush will be available in Spring in Germany and for the rest of the world in June.



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