Social Design

What is it?
Nowadays it is all about sustainability and also our products become more and more ‘green’. Designers and artists approach this subject and create solutions for different social problems from their own individual ambition. I collected the most impressive social designs that I found.

sus blog
Why is it cool?

‘Graft’ is biodestructible tableware that you can throw away after you eat from it. It is different than the white tableware that we know, this ones are in shapes of vegetables like artichoke and carrot. The forks, spoons and knives are sustainable but than with a sence of humor. The only question is: ‘Will you throw them away easily?’

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Artproject ‘The world of litter’ (‘De wereld van zwerfvuil’) is a piece of Peter Smith who made the globe in 2012 from 6000 plastic bottles. The occasion of this project is the amount of plastic rubbish that float from rivers into the ocean. Peter Smith want to make clear that we turn our world into a big dump.

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Conflict kitchen, started by John Rubin, is a takeaway restaurant which only serves food from countries with which the United States is in conflict. Their current focues is on Palestinian food, culture and politics. Conflict Kitchen use the social relations of food and economic exchange to engage the general public in discussions about countries and cultures.

Why has it future growth potential?
These signals have future growth potential because they mention and react on social, economic and climate problems. They look further, give us a different view and make it also less heavy. The first signal is also a attractive product to use or to give away.


Quality of life
The projects and products to make the world more sociable and sustainable, will improve the quality of life of people and the planet. The signals improves your social wellbeing, because you get to know more about different people in the world and respect them more and you will also educate yourself because you see different solutions for diverse problems.  If you can be part of making the world better, it also improves your emotional well-being.


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