What is it?
Baboo is an invention of Kimmy Ansems, a master student Industrial Design. Birth of a premature baby is a stressful situation. The powerless feeling and the seperaton influence the bonding process. That is why Kimmy developed a device for parents who have to leave their newborn baby in the incubator, Baboo. Baboo provides realtime updates at home about the baby.

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Why is it cool?
Baboo is one of the first designs that uses date visualizations in a 3 dimensional object rather than on a screen. Positive parameters (moving, awake, weight and breathing) are visualized in a tangible object to decrease the stress of worrying and the feeling of guilt. When the baby is awake, Baboo also ‘awakens’ with a gentle light.

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Why has it future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because technology will become more and more the soluation to social problems. Technology makes it possible to stay connected with your baby and hopefully in the future with more people.



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