Wearable Technology

What is it?
When you talk about technology, men are mostly more fascinated. If you combine cloth and technology, it gets also more attractive for women. The Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen has presented this with her 2015 Spring-Summer collection ‘Magnetic Motion’.  This collection combine fine handwork techniques with digital technology. In this way, Iris van Herpen re-evaluates reality and underlines individuality. The wearable clothes bring a great change along in the fashion world. Another Dutch designer that specializes in wearable technology is Pauline van Dongen.

mascu 1

Why is it cool?
Technology will be more usable when it is integrated in our clothes and it is also a great innovation and transformation for the fashion industry.

mascu 2

Why has it future growth potential?
Technology will get smarter every year and when we wear it, it will get to know everything about us. So clothes will adjust to your mood, desire or cultural setting or clothes will let you know how your physical and mental health is. It will integrated in our lifestyle and will make our lives convenient. Maybe in the future we don’t have to look for the weather forecast anymore, our clothes will simply match to the environmental factors.



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