Posing men

What is it?
We all know the perfect models, who are posing in all kind of strange ways on photos. Most of the people, mostly men, assume that those models are sexy. Motocorsa react on this and did a photo shoot with men also posing ‘sexy’. They want to make clear in a humoristic way that there is nothing really ‘sexy’ about half-naked girls on photos and they want to know which representation we get when men are posing in this way.
mascu blog 3

Why is it cool?
The photoshoot was a counter movement to what is sexy for woman, because who defines that? The photos hoot is a role-reversal who let you think twice about the weird positions that those girls make.
mascu blog 33

Why has it future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because they shown people a different view of the normal ‘standard’. When such issues set people talking about the current view on male and female the people will realize some things are not as normal as we think it is. Perhaps the gap between men and woman will blur.



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