Mini Power

What is it?
We all hate the fact that you’re waiting on your bus with an empty mobile. Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has developed an invention for this annoying problem, the Mini Power.

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Why is it cool?

External batteries are in general very huge and massive. The Mini Power, designed by Tsung Chih-Hsien is very easy and small and has 3 alternatives. You can choose for a battery for two hours of electricity, four hours or six hours. So you can buy the batteries to make an urgent phone-call or to make a photo of something which is very important. At this moment, the Mini Power is still a concept and has won the ‘Red Dot Award’ for best Design Concept.

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Why has it future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because the ‘online’ social life has still an uge influence on our lifestyles. We use our mobiles and technical devices for everything and take it everywhere with us. The Mini Power will change the way we use portable chargers. Based on paper battery technology, it has a smal capacity – just enough for urgent use.



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