What is it?
Do you like the snoozing-button as hard as I do in the early morning? If you want to learn to go straight out of bed from the moment your alarm goes off, you have to try the iCukoo app. iCukoo is an alarm app that transfers money from your account to a charity if you decide to push the snooze-button.

social blog 2

Why is it cool?
It is a funny app that anticipate on two problems. The first problem is the need for money for charitys and the second problem is the problem of getting out of bed in the morning.

Why has it future growth potential?
The app will not have such a future growth potential but the conception behind it is interesting. If you want to develop a innovative products or service nowadays you really have to think through. It is not only about inventing a funny product anymore, you need the answers of a social problem or need from different mentality groups.



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