What is it?
Four students from the Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands) have developed a stystem that make you, as a visitor, responsible for an event of the music around you. It’s called Experio and the goal is to get involved in the event and create your own musical experience.

exper blog 2

Why is it cool?
While you’re dancing, you determine the beat of the music, it’s nice to see other people and dance together to the music. Influence You dance between the lasers that run horizontally across the floor. The film stock converts it to a beat. It is a product that needs to be developed further, but the first try outs are a great success. Thus, the four young students have show they products at Design Week in Eindhoven and Beijin.
Why has it future growth potential?
Going to an event always makes for an experience, but you also become part of it. The team behind Experio is now working to expand the product out. Its like the DJ at the center and around it is a circle in which the lasers are processed. The DJ is still needed, you are with each other to support the music. Maybe that’s changed in the future. Now you can just change the beat with high or low and is to be used by one person for optimum effect.




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