Bring your own in Utrecht

What is it?
In this restaurant ‘De zaak’ in Utrecht you can bring your own food. In this time of the year, crisis is all around us. People always want to have lunch and eat dinner with their friends and beloved, but most of the people don’t have the money for it.


Why is it cool?
You can eat with your friends, in a proper restaurant, but i twill cost you barley noting, they only serf drinks. For people and students this is a good and proper solution.

Why has it future growth potential?
We’re still not out of the crisis. And this will stake a few years to get out of it. People always want to go out, but they don’t want to pay the costs. This will be a nice solution. For the next few years, people can use this a some sort of between solution, you can buy or cook is yourself and eat it at a dinner in a nice restaurant.



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