Tweeting bra

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What is it?

It sounds a bit strange, but it is a serious fact. The people from OgilvyOne Athens developed a special bra that sends a tweet every time you unhook your bra.
This high-tech bra is part of the new campaign for Nestle Fitness. They want to increase the awareness of breast cancer and the importance of breast self-exam.

Why is it cool and has it future growth potential?
It is the first and only bra that tweets with a mission! It is very important that woman regularly check their breasts on breast cancer. Unfortunately, woman often forget this because they have a lot other things on their minds.
That’s why Nestle Fitness came with this bra. There is a special mechanism hidden under the hook of the tweeting bra. Every time that you unhook your bra, the mechanism sends a signal to a cell phone. This cell phone notifies a server, and the server generates the tweet. These tweets go about the importance of breast cancer and the importance of checking yourself.
In the future, this bra will help remind a lot of women to do their monthly breast self-exam. And the more often they do it, the easier it gets to notice any changes.



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