What is it?
An authoress from Los Angles, Alli Reed, decided to start an experiment on the popular online dating website ‘OKCupid’.  She creates the most ‘horrible’ online dating profile ever, but with a sexy photo. The profile said that she liked to lie about being pregnant, that she was a drunk addict, that she was unemployed and other worse things. Alli hoped, with this experiment, to prove that men would not react on such an extreme dating profile. But unfortunately the men did.

mascu 5

Why is it cool and has it future growth potential?
Nowadays appearance for men and woman is still an important thing in daily life. This experiment is a big example of that. It is good that the results from this observation come true because maybe we will think twice when we see ‘perfect’ pictures of people on the internet. It is not only about the outside also the inside is very important. We have to stop manipulating ourself and others with fake profiles and photos.



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